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Nicole Herbst

Louis (Juice) Poulin
Bass, Vocals

Jay Herbst
Guitar, Vocals

Frank W. Piazza
Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals


Shocking Edison hails from Fort Myers, Florida, the same town that Thomas Edison had his winter home and laboratory. Like the inventor, Shocking Edison weaves a variety of influences into innovations that are more than the sum of their parts. The band members approach the music from different aspects of life, and are ever-evolving. Their musical influences range from street punk to opera, from ska to Zappa, from Rush to Phish, and from Little Feat to, crazily enough, musical theater.

This is not one of a thousand other bands. Shocking Edison features solid rhythms, thoughtful lyrics, melodic harmonies and fullfilling hooks. A distinctive dichotomy between the female and male vocals highlights the fun and theatrical nature of the group. If you like Cake, Live, Eve-6, Dude of Life, Alanis Morisette, or ever wanted to know what would happen if Train met the B-52's, then Shocking Edison’s debut CD, Scientific Curiosity, is the release you’ve been waiting for.

A strong regional following, and immediate national radio airplay of the single, “Couldn’t Be Better,” is creating a frenzy of people wanting to hear this band. The full CD is wall-to-wall and stands up to repeated spins, rewarding the listener with layers of textures and feelings. This is melodic yet edgy music for thinkers, and hearing it will make you feel good.
We can all use a little of that.

Frank on drums