November, 2008 

Hi all! We'd like to report that music from our first album, Scientific Curiosity, is still getting substantial radio play, and many songs are making the rounds on various PodCasts! Members of Shocking Edison are currently doing other projects. Fans should check out some of the new songs by Nicole Herbst's band, Gamble Mansion, and Louis Poulin's band, Ocean Roads. Of course, we always support Louis' other project, Lost Dog. The Dog has gone more metal, so for those of you who like the harder stuff…

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Thanks to Dr. Bob at JogTunesIndie Podcast! 

Shocking Edison wants to give a tip of the hat to Dr. Bob and his JogTunesIndie Podcast. His Podcast is designed for runners, and he sorts songs by tempo and beats-per-minute. It's the ultimate Podshow for all of you joggers out there! Several Shocking Edison songs have been featured including "Time", played on the anniversary show. So check out the podcast and give a shout out to Dr. Bob!

Summer is over, but the fun is just beginning! 

Hey Shockers! Our Summer hiatus is over, and the band has new music and new excitement planned for the Fall season. Frank is back in Naples, Nicole is in St. Pete, and Jay and Juice are still stuck in Fort Myers. At least everyone is within a reasonable radius to get enough rehearsals in The first CD, Scientific Curiosity, is still being played on radio across the country, and more Podcasts are picking it up all the time. We love new technology! Amazon sold out but now have more in stock, and of…

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Mid February Update 

Hello all So much is happening in the space of a few days I thought I would update you in between monthly bulletins. First, as of today all of the songs on Shocking Edison’s, “Scientific Curiosity,” have been played on the radio, 16 in all. In addition, we are now, “On the charts,” at number 174. The top 200 hundred bands played on the radio are tracked. We debuted at a little over the 200 mark, and each week have been progressing upward. Pretty cool! We have now been featured on three independent…

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January Newsletter 

Dear Friends and Family Well, the new year has just started, and January is already drawing to a close. Once again, many exciting and newsworthy things have happened to the band, which I will highlight below. Radio Stations Playing Shocking Edison: These are the current cities playing our music. New stations are adding our music on a weekly basis, so as I send this, it is already out-of-date. If you're living or traveling in these cities, be sure to look up the Adult Album Alternative, or…

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Eclectic Mix Podcast! 

Eclectic Mix, one of the most prominent music podcasts, has featured Shocking Edison on show #79. Eclectic Mix is hosted by the multi-talented music expert, George Smyth. He features eclectic music from bands he really likes, and we are honored to have been selected. His web site is, and one of many ways to subscribe to this free podcast is through iTunes. Check it out, and if you like the podcast (which you will), go to, click to the music page, and give Eclectic Mix a…

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Our Music is Podsafe! 

Our music is now registered with the Podsafe Music Network, so it's ready for podcasters interested in including it on their shows.

December Bulletin 

Dear Friends and Family Well, the month of November was again an exciting month for Shocking Edison. Each of us in the band continues to be amazed at how well the album is doing. You may recall from last month’s bulletin that the premier internet streaming radio site RadioIO ( started playing our songs, “Couldn’t Be Better,” and “By Your Eyes,” on their Pop music channel. RadioIo enjoys over one million listeners, and plays hundreds of songs per day. During and shortly after a song…

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Latest Update 

Dear Friends and Fans It has been a busy and productive few months for Shocking Edison. First, our CD, "Scientific Curiosity," has been released and is on sale. It can be purchased from CDBaby right here through our web site. Just go to the "Buy Gear" page to purchase it. Keep it in mind as a holiday stocking stuffer. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. With regard to traditional broadcast radio, the band put together a "wishlist" of potential radio promoters with whom we hoped to…

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This is not one of a thousand other bands.
Shocking Edison manages to weave a variety of influences into a catchy post-grunge pop experience. A unique dichotomy between the female and male vocals highlights the fun and theatrical nature of the group.
This music will make you feel good.
We can all use a little of that.