December Bulletin

Dear Friends and Family, Well, the month of November was again an exciting month for Shocking Edison. Each of us in the band continues to be amazed at how well the album is doing. You may recall from last month’s bulletin that the premier internet streaming radio site RadioIO ( started playing our songs, “Couldn’t Be Better,” and “By Your Eyes,” on their Pop music channel. RadioIo enjoys over one million listeners, and plays hundreds of songs per day. During and shortly after a song is played, the listeners get to rate that song. I’m proud to announce that “By Your Eyes” ranked as the 15th most popular song played! If you haven’t discovered this new form of entertainment already, podcasts are among the waves of the future. What is a podcast? It is a webcast of a particular music or voice program, usually at a designated time, to a user’s computer, then ultimately to their Ipod/MP3 player. Subscribers (most sites are free) receive the webcast in their Itunes or other music management software on their computer. Then, in the normal course of updating their Ipod/MP3 player with their computer, they’re given the option of downloading the content of the podcast to the Ipod/MP3 player for portable listening. Thus, fans of talk radio programs can listen at their convenience to their favorite pundits, and of course, music fans have access to all sorts of independent and alternative music they may not have discovered through traditional methods. Well, now that you know what a podcast is, Shocking Edison has been selected for a podcast in January by a very well known podcaster who’s site is The particular week in January remains to be announced. is well known to be watched by music industry insiders for up-and-coming bands. As the site only features one band per week, the selection process is quite competitive, so it is a coup for us to be featured. As many of you know, “Scientific Curiosity,” is mostly original music. However, we covered two songs, an old Arlo Guthrie tune called “Coming Into Los Angeles,” and a Mad Caddies song called “Last Breath.” The Mad Caddies are among our lead singer Nicole’s favorite bands. They were in town recently and were so enamored with our version of their song, they invited Nicole to join them onstage to perform it. It was a captivating performance, at the Social in downtown Orlando. Finally, three professional radio professionals have signed on with Shocking Edison to promote the album. They are in Los Angeles, Michigan, and New York, respectively. These people carefully screen the projects they get involved with and choose only those bands they believe they can get on the radio, ultimately to sell albums. They have decided that the main push to get Shocking Edison on broadcast radio will begin January 1, 2007, the reason being that the type of radio station we are marketing towards, the “Adult triple-A” stations, play holiday music about 25% of the time. Thus, rather than compete with Santa, we will wait until he is back at the North Pole. One promoter is beginning the hype now, however. For an example of band promotion in the 21st century, click on the following link: ::: Scientific Curiosity Discovered In SW Florida ::: Or copy and paste the following: Despite the wait until January, we are currently being played on broadcast radio in the following cities. If you happen to be there, tune in and listen for us. Punta Gorda/Sarasota, FL Annapolis, MD Chicago, IL Bethlehem, PA Allentown, PA Bangor, ME Frisco, CO Virginia Beach, VA Lafayette, LA It looks like our CD release party, which is primarily for family and friends, will occur on Saturday, January 27th, at a location to be announced, so save the date. We expect it to be in the greater Ft. Myers area. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Finally, remember Shocking Edison’s album, “Scientific Curiosity,” makes for a great stocking stuffer. It appeals to people of all ages. We have enthusiastic fans ranging in age from 15 to 50, so there’s almost something for everybody. It can be purchased at, on our website,,, and soon at Thank you for your continued interest in our project. Happy Holidays! Shocking Edison (Frank, Nicole, Louis, Jay)

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