January Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family, Well, the new year has just started, and January is already drawing to a close. Once again, many exciting and newsworthy things have happened to the band, which I will highlight below. Radio Stations Playing Shocking Edison: These are the current cities playing our music. New stations are adding our music on a weekly basis, so as I send this, it is already out-of-date. If you're living or traveling in these cities, be sure to look up the Adult Album Alternative, or triple-A, station in that city to listen in. Eugene, OR Crested Butte, CO Punta Gorda, FL Philadelphia, PA Sarasota, FL Annapolis, MD Conway, NH Chicago, IL Bethlehem, PA Duluth, MN Tampa, FL Auburn, AL Laramie, WY Bel Air, MD Owensboro, KY Harrisburg, PA Hagerstown, MD Albuquerque, NM Norfolk, VA Shippensburg, PA Anchorage, AK Towson, MD Allentown, PA Bangor, ME Frisco, CO Virginia Beach, VA Lafayette, LA Dallas, NC Santa Fe, NM Paonia, CO Grand Rapids, MI Based on the number of times our songs have been played, we would have been on the charts already, except for the fact that no one song is being played. Rather, each radio station is playing what they think would most appeal to their audience. As a result, both the softer and harder sides of the album are being played. Thus, we're not on the charts -yet- but listeners are getting to hear the wide variety of genres that is Shocking Edison. (ed note: Shocking Edsion has just entered the FMQB top 200 album chart at number 195) An Evening at the Opera: For those of you who are opera fans, you may know that the Metropolitan Opera House is simulcasting select performances this season to various theaters across the country and beyond. This means you can visit a select theatre in your city and see a, "live," Met performance. A friend of mine (you know who you are!) just happens to work for the company responsible for capturing those performances and establishing the signal feed to the various network of participating theaters. It just so happens that, in order to test the audio feed for the performance of Mozart's, "The Magic Flute," my friend played Scientific Curiosity over the lines. Thus, as opera-goers were gathering at the theatres and taking their seats, they were treated to nearly the full CD. Though not exactly our target audience, we certainly thank those involved. So far, nobody's complained! As a result, Scientific Curiosity was played all throughout the country, Europe, and the Orient. The Shocking Edison Show: Well, this is the week. Shocking Edison is the featured band of the week on the internet music show, "Eclectic Mix." Be sure to visit www.eclecticmix.com to either listen to the show there or subscribe to the podcasts of the site. The show is 30 minutes long. The host, George Smythe, narrates about the band, our respective musical backgrounds, and, of course, the music. Five songs are featured. Smythe is well known to industry-insiders, so the exposure for the band is significant. Our many thanks to George and Eclectic Mix for including us in his program. Shocking Edison Plays Birthday Parties? Well, only for really special people, like Mark Herbst, amongst our biggest fans and our guitarist's brother. Mark turned #@%*& this month, and to celebrate, his wife planned a not-so-secret party. The big surprise was that Shocking Edison played to an enthusiastic crowd of about 40 friends and family. And if that weren't enough, the band wrote a song for Mark, based upon a poem Mark had written about his brotherhood with Jay. Touching, for sure. But once the tears were wiped away, it was nothing other than loud, raucous rock and roll, with a beautiful sunset and a water-side view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge thrown in for good measure. Happy Birthday, Mark! Well, for those of you who haven't yet bought the album (you know who you are...hee hee), it remains available at www.Itunes.com, www.CDBaby.com, www.Amazon.com, and of course, www.ShockingEdison.com, the band's website. We appreciate all of your support and interest, and wish you and yours a rockin' 2007. Good Listening, Frank

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