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Dear Friends and Fans, It has been a busy and productive few months for Shocking Edison. First, our CD, "Scientific Curiosity," has been released and is on sale. It can be purchased from CDBaby right here through our web site. Just go to the "Buy Gear" page to purchase it. Keep it in mind as a holiday stocking stuffer. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. With regard to traditional broadcast radio, the band put together a "wishlist" of potential radio promoters with whom we hoped to work; industry giants, who have promoted many famous artists. Three of them are now on board and are promoting our CD! Industry analysts at Billboard magazine told our guitarist and manager, Jay Herbst, that they predict the CD will make the charts during the first quarter of 2007. We shall see. More good news. Radioio, the nation's premier internet streaming radio website, picked up Shocking Edison's, "Couldn't be Better," single for rotation in their Pop Music webcast. A week later, they also picked up "By Your Eyes." The songs are now playing daily to over one million listeners. Other songs from the CD will be included on their other channels, depending on the style of the song, in the next few weeks. Go to the site, register, and enjoy free internet radio of all different types. The site is "Couldn't Be Better," is also being broadcast on Pop stations in Punta Gorda/Pt. Charlotte, FL, Allantown, PA, Annapolis, MD, and Nashville, TN. Some bands live and die in Nashville and never get that opportunity. We are thrilled! Finally, the much awaited CD release party is scheduled for January 27th. As the details develop, we will let you all know about it. Thanks for all your support, and don't forget to spread the word to all your friends! Yours in music, Shocking Edison

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