Catchy, clever and compelling music for the masses” - <B>Mud</B><BR>

— Program Director, WNRQ/105.9 The Rock,<BR>Nashville, TN<BR><HR WIDTH="75%" COLOR="#FF0000">

“Led by classically-trained lead vocalist Nicole Herbst, Louis, Jay, and Frank deliver a tour de force performance that is truly original, blatantly unique alt-pop, without being over-the-top…produced by Emmy-nominated Greg Rike of GRP Productions, with legendary Little Feat keyboard man Billy Payne adding his wizardry, the result is refreshingly clever…this simply must be heard…Shocking Edison!…nice knowing you.” - <B>G. Michael Keating</B><BR>

— Program Director, WBCG/The Beach 98.9, Punta Gorda, FL<BR><HR WIDTH="75%" COLOR="#FF0000">

"This was the most fun group I've worked with for a long time. Take an operatic theatrical vocalist (Nicole Herbst), add rage-induced gritty vocals by an aggressive, funk-influenced bassist (Louis "Juice" Poulin), mix in intelligent, layered acoustic and electric guitar textures (Jay Herbst) and glue it all together with a jazz/rock influenced groove machine (Frank Piazza). When you top it off with extremely interesting lyrics and great vocal performances, you end up with an extremely enjoyable listening experience." ” - <B>Greg Rike</B><BR>

Musician and Producer, <BR>GRP Studios - Altamonte Springs, FL<BR><HR WIDTH="75%" COLOR="#FF0000">

My friend Jay Herbst called me and asked if I would consider playing Shocking Edison's CD. I told him I would be a pleasure to do so. Little did I know what a great time I would have. Their music is inventive, challenging and eclectic. Their producer Greg Rike and engineer Wally Walton, made the experience a flawless afternoon of recording. I was knocked out by Nik's vocals. Her personality is wonderful, very theatrical. I had an absolute ball playing music with this band. I can't thank Jay enough for having asked me to participate. My hat is off to Frank and Louis, too. (much love to donna!) I know those that pick up on this CD will enjoy it.” - <B>Billy Payne</B><BR>

— Legendary Keyboard player and Producer<BR><HR WIDTH="75%" COLOR="#FF0000">