From the recording Couldn't Be Better (lyrics)


Every time I see your face
it makes me want to run away
We’ll catch a train some time today

When I’m with you there’s no disguise
for what you feel you cannot hide
your passion, oh it’s

You hear what I say
(see it, hear it, feel it)
you don’t see things my way
(feel it, need it, want it)
you don’t want to stay
(see it, hear it, feel it)
you hate it when I say

Couldn’t be better
Couldn’t be better
I know things are going my way
it’s not just another rainy day

Hold you close, breathe you in
you are my ultimate, my Zen
I’m so free, free falling
you’re divine

Stars in the sky, lie in the grass
hold me tight, hold me fast
kiss me once, forever last
all night